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New family-friendly libraries coming to Shawnee and Lenexa. What’s next?

As Johnson County’s library system embarks on its first construction projects of the 21st century, Director Sean Casserley is already envisioning the family-friendly and customer-service components that put the “public” first in these new public libraries.

Drive-up windows to help busy moms retrieve materials without having to get out of their cars. A “storywalk path” to let kids learn about letters and sounds. Automation equipment to get books back on the shelves and into circulation more quickly.

“We are taking a page from Target and Walmart,” Casserley said, adding that the system is looking at the best in retail and hospitality trends. “We’re taking our inventory and putting it in front of the customers faster.”

The first new branch opens this fall in western Shawnee, which has clamore...

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Finding Legitimate Shawnee KS News

Are you wanting to read some Shawnee KS news on a regular basis but don’t know where to turn? There are a lot of sites you can look to for information. That’s what you’ll learn to find here so you can have a regular source of news you can trust.

When you’re looking for a news site, you want to find one that is updated on a regular basis. That way, you can know what’s going on in the area regularly. There are some people that start things like websites and blogs where they make a few posts and then they stop. You want to find an actual news site that has a lot of information added to it on a day to day basis. Since Shawnee KS is a city with a lot going on in it, finding a news source that covers a lot of things shouldn’t be hard.

When you are looking into news, know that some outlets lean e...

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